Video interviews

Face-to-face meetings and events are great, but quickly cost prohibitive and just not practical for the times you need to communicate to a large group of people in different locations. CEOs, business leaders and others needing to share a vision, discuss results or clarify goals can benefit tremendously from a video interview: the content gets across and more importantly, so does their commitment.  Small business owners and individual consultants can use video to market their services: a video interview gives your potential customer a quick look at your style and help them decide you are the right person for their business.

Sample video of an internal communications interview

Sample video from a marketing series for a service business

Tip: how to be yourself on camera

The camera is on you

But TERSAGO is there to help.  Video captures your body language, tone and other non-verbal signs.  This makes it especially powerful, but is also where it can go wrong if you are uncomfortable on camera.  And most people are, at least to some degree.  Having an interviewer with you makes the situation more comfortable and, in fact, also more normal for your viewers - they're getting a chance to "listen in" to two people talking rather than be spoken to.

TERSAGO also places great importance on aligning what's being said with the person saying it.  Video is an opportunity to have an authentic impact so it is critical that what you're saying shows who you are and plays to your strengths.  

With that in mind we review -and can also write- the video content outline and provide feedback during the taping.  TERSAGO offers content support and on-screen interviewing.  Videography and editing is done by partners or you can use your own provider or internal staff.


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