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An established project executive with a background in change, IT and marketing,  I combine senior project management skills with the ability to bridge - and manage - between viewpoints.  A natural communicator, I develop effective messaging strategies for programs and provide additional support through event hosting, meeting facilitation and video interviews. 


Project consulting and program management

Tersago provides project consulting and hands-on program management to lead your operational and digital initiatives to a successful close.   An independent consultant can be particularly helpful to assess and resolve project obstacles, but is also an obvious choice if an initiative requires management that you don't have in-house. 

With a track record of establishing web platforms, redesigning them and improving the user-experience, Tersago is well-suited to manage your digital and web efforts.  In addition to IT know-how, Tersago offers agency management, knowledge of global sites - like translation and cultural consideration - and strong internal and external communication skills.

Communication strategy and planning

A communication strategy looks at the desired outcomes of a project, program or change effort (including team or leadership changes) and identifies which messages need to get across to the various stakeholders and why.  Once there is clarity on what needs to be communicated and with what result, a communication plan can be prepared to detail the specific communications and dates.

Event host and meeting Facilitator

Larger meetings and events benefit from an engaging host leading the audience through the day and connecting the individual sessions.  This is not just a matter of logistics but a great way to ensure the key messages are drawn out and the event meets its objectives.  In addition to hosting and moderating interviews and panel discussions, I can work with you to set the agenda and coordinate the content side of the event.

A facilitated workshop or strategic meeting helps you make the most of your time and leave the session with the results you wanted.  Tersago makes sure differences of opinion can be aired but the dialogue remains constructive and geared towards the goal.

"Katherine Tersago is a distinguished facilitator and has proven her moderation skills in many workshops, panel discussions and web conferences.  She has a natural talent to communicate very clearly and to the point.  She moderates well even when there are different opinions, challenges participants in an encouraging way and can steer discussions well to achieve clear outcomes.  Feedback from participants has always been very positive."

- Jürg Hauswirth, Head of Change Program Office, General Insurance, Zurich Insurance Company


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  • Project consulting
  • Program management
  • Digital and webplatform renewal
  • Communication strategy development
  • Communication planning and execution

In person communication

Leverage the power of video.

Sample interview with small business owner.  This video is part of a thought-provoking series on careers.

Some advice on how to be yourself on camera.

Speaking engagements

Katherine Tersago speaks with passion and eloquence on:

  • Career resilience and handling change
  • Women and careers

Workshops on these topics can be arranged.