A professional moderator understands what outcomes are required for a successful event and guides the group towards those.   You can bring TERSAGO on board once you have a detailed brief or at the start of the process.  We can help you shape the agenda, establish key messages and content, and identify the best format for your speakers to shine.


Event Host

Larger meetings and events benefit from an engaging host leading the audience through the day and connecting the individual sessions.  This is not just a matter of logistics but a great way to ensure the key messages are drawn out and the event meets its objectives.  Using an external host means all your attendees can participate equally and you avoid any issues with finding the right internal person.

Panel Moderation

TERSAGO's style for panel moderation is journalistic but positive: a panel discussion should not be an inquisition but rather an exploration of viewpoints and insights shared with energy and enthusiasm. Working within corporate settings, it is particularly important to deliver a fresh conversation and to engage with the audience. 


Meeting Facilitator

A facilitated workshop or strategic meeting helps you make the most of your time and leave the session with the results you wanted.  TERSAGO makes sure differences of opinion can be aired but the dialogue remains constructive and geared towards the goal.

"Katherine Tersago is a distinguished facilitator and has proven her moderation skills in many workshops, panel discussions and web conferences.  She has a natural talent to communicate very clearly and to the point.  She moderates well even when there are different opinions, challenges participants in an encouraging way and can steer discussions well to achieve clear outcomes.  Feedback from participants has always been very positive."

- Jürg Hauswirth, Head of Change Program Office, General Insurance, Zurich Insurance Company


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