• Change management strategy design and execution.
  • Communication strategy development for executive and program communications.
  • Event moderation, workshop facilitation and video interviews.
  • Speaking engagements and workshops on professional resilience, handling change and women in leadership. 


  • A proprietary change program to increase diversity in leadership: the Tersago Impact Program.
  • FREE articles on change, communication and leadership development.
  • A book on career resilience and effective coping during downsizing and restructuring (available on Amazon in March 2015).

Mission and philosophy

Tersago's mission is to help organizations and teams realize their transformation goals through authentic leadership, dialogue and a focus on strengths.

Underlying this mission is a strong belief in treating people with integrity.  Candor, authenticity and an emphasis on strong points create a human-centered change environment that does not contradict business goals or belie harsh realities.  Instead, this environment enables engaged and productive transformation.