Change Management

I work with your transformation leaders to develop and execute a change management strategy and communciation plan that helps employees stay productive during and after transformation.   A focus on engaging people, emphasis on strengths and authentic communication underpin my approach to facilitate strategic, process and cultural change.


Working with TERSAGO you get

  • conceptualization and design of the change effort to meet your objectives
  • consideration for the bigger picture: how does your change or transformation affect engagement, how does it interact with other initiatives and business priorities
  • a roadmap of how to make the change a reality
  • a strategic view of communicating about the changes coupled with a tactical execution plan
  • the materials you need to execute the plan 
  • coaching and briefings for internal change agents and leaders
  • an experienced professional joining your team  

Valued team member

When you bring someone in to support your changes and communication needs it's critical they acclimatize quickly, seek to understand your organization and develop good working relationships with your staff.

"Katherine Tersago did an outstanding job for us on a large pricing platform project.  She established the communications strategy and plans and drove the stakeholder engagement process.  She also provided a second set of eyes for the roll-out strategy. Katherine very quickly became a valued member of the project team demonstrating keen perception which minimized ramp-up time."  - Nancy Hoppe, Chief Pricing Actuary General Insurance, Zurich Insurance Company

"Katherine [Tersago] guided our subject matter experts through the implementation of our corporate responsibility in business transactions approach.  She developed and delivered an effective communication and training strategy.  I look forward to working with her again." - Natasha Issa, Group Head of Corporate Responsibility, Zurich Insurance Company



  • advisory services
  • change strategy design
  • execution and management of change
  • communication strategy development
  • workshop facilitation
  • active hosting of meetings and town-halls


Tersago Impact Program

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Case studies

Case study: using the curve

Case study: the workstyle quiz


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