Katherine tersago

Digital program
and project leadership


I contract with companies to establish digitization programs and drive their digital projects forward. I have delivered new systems, redesigned sites and changed how people work. I am specialized in organizing and mobilizing the skills of creative, business and technical experts for an improved user experience and measurable business results.












Type of work I do


Digital project


Change strategy

Program design and


Workshop facilitation

Work with me when

  • You need someone to take the problems off your hands

  • You want someone to drive the solution forward

  • You are looking for someone to connect all the dots

  • You want a reliable partner in achieving your goals



Few words about myself


I started my career as an IT consultant working for several start-ups and IBM’s global services team, focusing on web and collaborative software. I then joined a global insurance company to establish a knowledge management practice, ran various global change efforts and headed Online Marketing for several years. I have been an independent consultant since 2014 working on digitization and user experience programs.



Some of my projects and programs include:

  • User experience program in financial services covering web, mobile and print
  • Multiple redesigns for increased usability: a niche banking platform, knowledge management application suite, corporate websites
  • Web landscape rationalization for a global insurance player with 200+ sites
  • Online marketing campaigns for brand awareness and client engagement
  • Change strategies for, among others, paper-to-online transition, simplifying bureaucracy, and incorporating social responsibility in the  business


Beyond digital

I have published a book on professional resilience, posted articles on communication, change and development and I'm a lifelong advocate for meritocracy and the value of diversity.



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